2013 Medal of Honor Convention

Patrick DeLacy’s Civil War Medal of Honor on display in the back of Gary’s van for the Marine Band and the Wounded Warriors from Quantico VA to see

Col. John Fitzpatrick, Licensed Battlefield Guide, gave 11 Wounded Warriors from Quantico, VA, a tour of the Battlefield on Friday, Sep 20. We coordinated with Gary Roche’s Marine Band tour so they could all see the DeLacy Medal of Honor and pictures on the field. The Wounded Warriors were the honored guests at the luncheon at the Eisenhower Farm on Thurs, Sep 19.

Gary Roche and Tony DeLacy with the Marine Band on tour Friday afternoon. There were 2 buses for about 70 band members. DeLacy’s MOH was on display in the back of Gary’s van.

Gary Roche with the Wounded Warriors from Quantico VA

Tony DeLacy, Licensed Battlefield Guide and Patrick DeLacy’s Great-Great-Nephew, with the Marine Band

Gary Roche and his wife Marsha with Barney Barnum and wife Martha at the Garryowen in Gettysburg enjoying lunch Sunday afternoon, after Gary gave the Barnums a battlefield tour.

On Thursday, Sep 19, Terry Fox, John Fitzpatrick and Gary Roche were the Guides on 3 buses taking the Medal of Honor Recipients and their families on a one-hour tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield before a reception at the GNMP Museum. A short time to get into much detail, but a good overview of what they may want to see on a return visit.

Col. Michael J. Colburn, conductor and commanding officer, of the President’s Own Marine Band is with Gary Roche at the PA Memorial just before the concert, Friday evening, 9/20/13

Sal Giunta is the first living recipient who was in the war in Afghanistan. Sal attended the convention with his wife and 2 ½ year-old daughter, Lily and his wife’s parents. Gary got to chat with him a while outside the hospitality suite at the Wyndham.

Tony DeLacy, Chuck Hagemeister and Gary Roche in the Lobby of the Wyndham Hotel, Saturday morning, Sept 21. Chuck was the first to sign Tony’s Medal of Honor book, you see on the registration table in front of them. Tony was checking in to give a member of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society Foundation Board a battlefield tour.

Ron Rosser and Gary Roche in the Lobby of the Wyndham. Rosser is one of the Korean War recipients and a good friend of Warren Motts and son, Wayne Motts, fellow Licensed Battlefield Guide. Rosser lives near the Motts Military Museum in Ohio.

Brian Thacker, Medal of Honor recipient, is with Gary Roche at the Eisenhower luncheon. Brian lives in Maryland and was in on planning the 2013 CMOH Society Convention with Bob Monahan.

Barney Barnum, David — a wounded warrior, and Gary Roche at the Eisenhower Luncheon for the Wounded Warriors on Thurs Sept 19, 2013. Barney is involved with the company that manufactures the Segways. That company gives them free to the wounded warriors.

Bruce Crandall, Gary Roche and Joe Marm outside the Thursday Breakfast at the Wyndham. Gary met Bruce Crandall in Sept 2008 in Port Orchard, WA visiting friends, Debbie and Wayne Macomber, where Gary gave programs on the MOH to the Kitsap High School ROTC students.

Gary Roche and Jim Fleming outside the breakfast on Thursday, 9/19, one of three MOH recipients in the Air Force who were at the convention

Gary Roche and Tom Kelley- Gary’s 1st tour of the battlefield for a MOH holder was Tuesday, Sept 17, for recipient, Tom Kelley and wife Joan. They had to return to Massachusetts the next day for a funeral of a family member and so would miss the convention.

Gary Roche and Joe Marm, recipient from Pennsylvania who was one of three recipients for action in Viet Nam in the Ia Drang Valley. Bruce Crandall and Ed “Too Tall” Freeman were the other two recipients.