DeLacy's Life: A Time Line
“. . . his perception of the right thing to do under the circumstances, always made a wonderful impression upon me.”
– Col. Charles M. Conyngham, DeLacy’s wartime comrade and commander, in an endorsement for DeLacy for election to mayor of Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Nov. 15, 1888, to Harry S. Davis

For many veterans of the Civil War, the war itself was the zenith of their experiences and achievements. So it could have been for Patrick DeLacy, who served with distinction throughout it. Yet the war wrote only one aspect of his life–one filled with family, friends, reunions and a vibrant post-war existence. He was a tanner, a currier, a soldier, an officer, a sheriff, a county auditor, postmaster and police chief. Above all, he was a patriot, the quiet kind who lived more by deeds and less by accolades.

In this section, learn about DeLacy’s early life, his service during the war years and his post-war career.