Letter dated July 8, 1895, from DeLacy when he was Alderman, 7th Ward, Scranton, PA, to John P. Nicholson, chairman of the Gettysburg National Park Commission 1893 - 1922, requesting information on the timing later that fall of the dedication of a statue to Union Army of the Potomac Commander George Meade.

Courtesy of Gettysburg National Military Park

Courtesy of Gettysburg National Military Park


Office of
P. DeLacy,
Alderman, Seventh Ward,
860 Capose Avenue

Scranton, Pa. July 8, 1895

Col J P Nicholsen

Dear Comrade,

Will you kindly let me know the date fixed upon for the dedication of the Gen Meade Statue at Gettysburg this coming fall.

The Association of the 143 PV has purchased and will have erected at our position on the left center, a tablet as a marker and we desire to have a meeting at or about the time that the Meade Ceremonies take place the day before or the day after.

Did the state appropriate anything this year for the reissue of your book “Pennsylvania at Gettysburg”? By some oversight the proceedings of the 143 Dedication was not published in that book. The historical address delivered the year before by my son-in-law, a member of the Lackawanna County Bar whom the association there upon elected Historian of the regiment. He died the following year. His address was considered so accurate by the association that it was unanimously voted to have it published in any publication made, by authority of the Regiment and that is how it was published as a brief synopsis of the Regimental history in the pamphlet that I got up with the 143 dedication exercise held at the dedication of our tablet on the Chambersburg Pike, Sept 12, 1889. I have sustained some [littel] sic censure and blame that the publication happened as it did and I was in hopes if a reissue of your book did come out that I would call the matter to your attention and get the corrections made.

Kindly answer me as soon as convenient.
With Kind Regards,

Truly yours,
P De Lacy
Pres 143 Association

The poem, "The HUNDRED and FORTY-THIRD," sent to Catherine DeLacy Roche, DeLacy's daughter, March 2, 1911, from John S. McGroarty. McGroarty was born at Buck Mountain, PA, in Foster Township near Wilkes Barre. Treasurer of Luzerne County from 1890-1893, he practiced law in Wilkes Barre until he moved to Montana in 1896 to become an executive for Anaconda Copper Mining. He ultimately moved to California and became a poet, columnist for the Los Angeles Times and an author. Born in 1862, he would have been a contemporary of Catherine and clearly was an admirer of the 143rd PA.

Correspondence between Patrick DeLacy and the War Department, regarding a replacement ribbon for his Medal of Honor.


Patrick DeLacy to War Dept 02-08-1897
(MS Word Docx)

Patrick DeLacy to War Dept 03-10-1897
(MS Word Docx)

Correspondence between the War Department, Record and Pension Office, and Patrick DeLacy, circa 1894.

Transcript: PD_to_SecyWar_4-26-1894.docx (MS Word DOCX)