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New York Herald, August 06, 1911
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This article about Patrick DeLacy’s actions at the Battle of the Wilderness appeared in the magazine section of the August 6, 1911, edition of the New York Herald.

“J. Madison Drake,” mentioned in the first paragraph of the article (see transcription) is James Madison Drake, originally 2nd Lieutenant, Company D, 9th New Jersey Infantry (also known as the “Jersey Muskrats.”). Like DeLacy, he received the Medal of Honor – his for action on May 6, 1864, at Bermuda Hundred, Virginia. He later was brevetted to Brigadier General by a special act of the legislature, according to his obituary in the New York Times. The historian of the 9th New Jersey and the Medal of Honor Legion, Drake became a journalist, newspaper publisher and author after the war.

The artwork accompanying the article is called, "The Pennsylvanian Thrust Aside the Sword in its Downward Crash," by L.A. (Leon Alarac) Shafer. Born after the Civil War, Shafer is best known for his paintings and etchings created in the early 20th century. One of his most famous captures the great 1906 San Francisco fire.

New York Herald August 06, 1911 Transcript (Microsoft DOC format)