DeLacy Family Bible

This bible belonged to Patrick DeLacy, which he signed and kept after the war during his time in Scranton, PA. The original is large, nearly 14 x 20 inches, and has ornate lettering and artwork customary to Catholic Bibles of the period.

Note details about the family, including births, marriages and deaths in pages 18-25 – including a note on page 25 scrawled by a young Jane Jacquinot Pivovarnick, the daughter of “Aunt Betty” – Elizabeth Hicks Jacquinot, the granddaughter of Patrick DeLacy and the family member instrumental in obtaining DeLacy’s promotion to captain in 1987 (Click here to see the story of “The Last Union Captain.”). Today, Jane is a retired elementary school teacher married to Mike Pivovarnick. They have 4 children. She lives in Scott Twp., a suburb of Scranton, PA.