Family Ties

143rd Association Patrick DeLacy, front and center with hat in left hand, Money's Son's of Union Veterans Camp, now part of Lt Ezra S. Griffin Camp #8 SUV.

Title "Color Bearers of 143rd Regiment at Harrisburg, Penna, on June 15, 1914", left to right: P.DeLacy, President 143rd Regt. Association, James A Stottler, Company A, Francis Furman, Company K, Nathan Vosler original color bearer Company I, Mark B. Perigo, Company H, photographer The Musser Studio, Harrisburg, PA

860 Capose Ave - rear - Alderman DeLacy Office of the 7th Ward, Scranton PA (2 boys in this picture look like the same boys in the 70th birthday picture but dont know who they are).

3 daughters of Captain Left to right: Catherine, 6/1/1861, Anna, 4/9/1863, Elizabeth, 2/14/1866

Head shot of Captain, cropped from 70th B'Day picture 1905 not 1906

70th Birthday 4th from left in top row is my grandfather, Michael DeLacy Roche (Captain's Grandson)

Capt at GAR Hall circa 1885 GAR medal to his left

Candid shot of GAR Hall date unknown

4 generations Top row L-R: Margaret Roche (Capt's Grandson's wife, Gary Roche's grandmother) Catherine (Capt's daughter) Michael Delacy Roche (Capt's Grandson, Gary Roche's grandfather) Captain DeLacy
Front row L-R: Elizabeth DeLacy Hicks (Capt's daughter, Aunt Betty's mother) Gerard Delacy Roche (Capt's great grandson, Gary Roche's father) Catherine Roche (Capt's Great Granddaughter and Tony Kelly's mother)

Michael David Roche circa 1888 (he died in 1889) Captain's son-in-law who wrote the speech for the 25th Anniv

Michael David Roche - One-time candidate for Senator

Dedication of Gen. Philip Sheridan monument to the rear of the Lackawanna County, PA, Courthouse. From left to right on the front row: P.W. Stokes, F. Berge, M. O'Connor, Johnson, Capt. (Patrick) DeLacy, Brig Gen James Rowan O'Beirne, and McAndrew. DeLacy and O’Beirne were MOH recipients.

Sheridan Medals - MOH, his GAR medal with the diamond, and a campaign medal

Patrick DeLacy had 7 children, 4 who lived beyond infancy. In order of birth: Sarah Catherine (Cassie), Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie), Anna C. (Annie) and William P. DeLacy.

Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) DeLacy, Patrick DeLacy’s second-born child. Born April 8, 1868, died Oct. 19, 1918. She married James J. Hicks, Scranton, PA, on June 26, 1889. They had 5 children: Gerald (1891), Helen (1894-5), Kenneth (1899), James (1896) and Elizabeth ("Aunt Betty") (1904-1988). Elizabeth and her husband are buried in St. Catherine’s Cemetery, Moscow, PA.

Annie DeLacy, the 3rd child of Patrick DeLacy. Born: Feb. 25, 1866 (as noted in family Bible; gravestone denotes 1867) and died in 1925. Annie married John J. Peel, Scranton, PA, in July 1891. They had 3 children: Maurice (1892), DeLacy (1893), and Warren (1898). She is buried in St. Catherine’s Cemetery, Moscow, PA.

Sarah Catherine was the oldest child of Patrick DeLacy. Born May 31, 1861 (noted in family Bible; other locations say June 1), died March 23, 1940. She married Michael David Roche on Aug. 21, 1884. They had 2 sons: David P. Roche (born March 26, 1886 and died, 1938) and Michael DeLacy Roche (born March 19, 1888, and the grandfather of licensed battlefield guides Gary Roche and the late Tony Kelly). Catherine’s husband died at a young age, and she had to move in with her father–Patrick DeLacy–and raise her sons in his home at 860 Capouse Ave., Scranton, PA.

undated newspaper photo of Sarah Catherine, circa 1905

Gravestone of David P. Roche, Catherine’s eldest son.

Sarah Catherine’s obituary.

This image of DeLacy may have been taken and featured in this unidentified book when he was elected Commander of the Legion of Merit (the forerunner of today’s Congressional Medal of Honor Society). Note some of the family military history in the text.

Patrick DeLacy, April 5, 1909. He is wearing the GAR medal with diamond (right) given to him by the 1st Corps Association in appreciation for his service as president. In the dark portions, a diamond is in the center of the 1st and 5th Corps symbols. At left, a GAR medal with ribbon. The two stars are for his rank of Major General when President of the 1st Corps Association. He is not wearing the Medal of Honor, which he received in 1894.

A handwritten list of Patrick DeLacy’s post-war positions created by the late Tony Kelly, his great-great-grandson and a former licensed battlefield guide at Gettysburg.